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    Da Rules and Da Regulations


    Da Rules and Da Regulations

    Post by ClassicCartoonCentral on Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:53 pm

    No Spamming

    All spam will be deleted and you will possibly be warned for it if you keep it up.
    o One Word Posting
    o Advertising
    o Flooding/Multiple Posting - Do not flood with post after post after post without anyone replying. This is considered as spam and can get you in trouble. At times, you will see the staff posting multiple times in a row. This is for news purposes, only.

    Bumping Topics

    Replying to topics that are beyond a certain age is considered unnecessary "bumping," and is usually frowned upon. The general rule is that any thread in which the last reply was posted 30+ days ago is too old to bump, and we suggest you create a new thread if you wish to discuss the topic further. If you're posting in a topic more than 30 days old, we ask that your post is a well thought-out post and not something to just increase your post count. Use your best judgement, or PM a staff member if you are unsure.

    PM & Report System
If any member finds any sort of abuse with the pm system, please pm an admin. We will take care of it.

    Signatures Size Limit

    Signatures should exceed no more than the size of an 650x200 image. Please, do not put any big font lines in your signature. If we see that you exceed the size limit, we will send a PM as a warning. After the PM has been sent, if after 2 days you have not changed your signature, the staff will deal with it themselves.

    Kid friendly posts

    We ask you to keep your posts kid friendly. What does that mean? Simply, it means don't say or post anything that you think a kid wouldn't want to read or would get in trouble if their parents saw it. If you post a link to a video with some vulgar language, please make a note of it above the video so everyone can be warned about it before watching it. Remember, this is a kid friendly forum and we would like it to stay that way. Don't post any adult material, warez, cracks, or racial remarks.

    Multiple Accounts

    When you are suspended/banned, do not register another account. This will not be tolerated. If you have made a second account, the staff will ban your new account forever and suspend your original account for up to 14 days. If you create a third account, all your accounts will be banned forever. Even if you have not been suspended or banned, there is no reason that you should have multiple accounts.

    Staff has the right to edit and/or delete comments at anytime.

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